Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm back. Dammit.

I just returned from the company Christmas party.  Not a holiday party.  A Christmas party.  Because I work for a Christian company.  The owners are lovely people, rife with sincere beliefs and the evangelical/fundamental flavor of religion.  It's their money and they can celebrate how they want to celebrate.  If Paris was worth a mass for Henry IV, steak dinner, entertainment and gifts are worth an amen for this heathen.  I do admire that they try to bring Christian principles into all facets of their lives.  In many ways they do strive to be good.  They just espouse so many ideas that I cannot abide.  It would be fine if these ideas would only apply to them.  I don't have a problem with them voicing these ideas.  However, these ideas have found their way into the political discourse of this country and are swung like a cudgel by the powerful to harm a great many of my fellow 'Murkuns.  White, heterosexual, Christian, property-owning males would hold dominion over all of us unworthy lesser persons if the things they believe hold sway.

I refuse to remove the Obama '08 magnet from the back of my car.  It's a nice reminder to everyone I work with that there is a dirty, librul, muslin, socialist, fascist, communist among them.

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