Monday, January 9, 2012


An absence of government regulation, for most people, just means domination by unconstrained private actors. 
~ Scott Lemieux - Lawyers, Gun$ and Money

So many politicians are in love with the idea of their simple ancestors and their great American reinvention.  Their immigrant ancestors spoke English the minute they hit the shores (bullshit!).  Their immigrant ancestors immediately started to assimilate into being the 1950's definition of a good American (bullshit!).  Their immigrant ancestors came from deplorable European conditions and enjoyed the true and total personal freedoms that American had to offer (bullshit!).

Santorum's 'Freedom' is Pretty Much Slavery

"He left to the coal fields of Southern Pennsylvania. He worked in the mine at a company town, got paid with coupons, he used to call them."
Let us dwell on that. Grandpa Santorum lived in a company town where he was paid in "scrip" in lieu of cash. That means what his grandson calls "freedom" was, well and truly, something more like slavery.
Perlstein does one helluva job of dissecting this conserva-libertarian hogwash about "freedom" and what it really means.

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